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As a School


As a growing Multi-Academy Trust in the Dudley area, we are looking to grow our family of academies in a measured and systematic way over the next few years.

A school that joins Hales Valley Trust may expect the following support:

  • As a priority an audit of leadership and management and an audit of teaching, learning and assessment will be carried out to identify needs and specific support that will be rapidly put into place via a school improvement action plan. This plan will be evaluated every half term by the CEO and Director for School Improvement (DSIP) and amendments and further support and challenge put into place as necessary.
  • If necessary staff from across the Trust will be put into place to add leadership capacity
  • The school will benefit from weekly support from the CEO and Director for School Improvement.
  • CEO, DSIP, SLE and SLT support from the Teaching Hub and from across the Trust
  • Access to a full programme of CPD support for teachers, teaching assistants and admin teams
  • Financial planning and budgeting support via the CEO and Finance Director
  • Buildings and site development and improvement via the Operations Director
  • HR support
  • Access to the NQT induction programme and the RQT (recently qualified teachers) CPD programme
  • Access to moderations programmes: EYFS, Y2 and Y6
  • A suite of Trust central policies
  • Safeguarding and compliance audits/ongoing support with any identified actions
  • Health & Safety review
  • Peer to peer reviews
  • Pupil premium reviews
  • Consistent appraisal

information on our joining criteria can be found in our Induction Prospectus available on our website, section-key information.

For initial enquiries about joining our family of schools, feel free to get touch with us on: