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Our schools


Gig Mill Primary School

Gig Mill strives to provide the best possible education for your child. An education where each child feels valued, cared for and motivated to achieve their very best. We have high expectations and we aim to develop in our children a real sense of belonging along with high levels of self esteem and confidence. Whilst recognising that our pupils need to be equipped with key skills in English and Maths, we strongly feel that they also need to develop a real passion for learning and we try to enhance this learning through a whole range of experiences both within and outside the classroom environment through an exciting and vibrant curriculum.

We work in partnership. Governors, staff, parents and children all help to make this happen. By working together, we move forward and create a nurturing environment and opportunities for all our children to succeed.

Our Nursery - Giggles Nursery

We are delighted to have a maintained Nursery on site as part of our Early Years Foundation Stage.

26 places are available for 5 morning or afternoon sessions and we can offer the universal 15 hours a week entitlement during term time from Monday - Friday 8.30am - 11.30am, or 12.30pm - 3.30pm (Subject to availability).

We are very fortunate to have a lovely outdoor area and a well resourced spacious indoor environment for Nursery children to learn with us. 

Staff in Nursery are experienced in Early Years practice and deliver a curriculum to meet the needs of our children.

The link with parents and carers is vitally important to support children’s learning and parents/carers are invited into Nursery on a regular basis.


We are very proud of our 'Good' Ofsted rating, which includes an 'Outstanding' judgement for Early Years...Our Ofsted report from March 2020 states:-

"Children make an exceptional start in early years. Teachers work hard to understand the needs and abilities of the children when they join the school. Well-planned and exciting lessons inspire the children to start powerful learning journeys".

Hurst Hill Primary School

Hurst Hill Primary School, in the heart of Coseley, is a small and welcoming school with around 300 pupils. Hurst Hill was opened in November 1986. We have a pre-school and currently 6 classes across Key Stage 1 and 2.  The school is accommodated in a light and bright building with a friendly atmosphere that visitors often comment on.

Hurst Hill is a very special place within the community. Many of our parents attended Hurst Hill and have very fond memories of their time at school. Their children are now our pupils on the same journey.

The staff at Hurst Hill are a very dedicated team who work incredibly hard to provide an exciting, engaging and stimulating curriculum to enable all our pupils to achieve their full potential. Staff have high expectations and encourage the pupils to do the same. In 2022 we were graded as a 'Good' school by Ofsted a grade the school had not achieved for 22 years.

We aim to develop an environment in which our pupils feel safe, secure and happy to come to school. In this nurturing environment pupils will flourish and grow developing self confidence, self respect and resilience. They will be proud of themselves and their achievements as pupils of Hurst Hill School.

Our Nursery

Hurst Hill Primary School has a nursery setting within the large Early Years Unit with a Reception class. We have an excellent enclosed area for outdoor play which can be accessed in all weathers.

Our staff team are very experienced and are committed to supporting all children and their families. We have worked hard to create a warm and happy environment which is inviting and well equipped to enrich the learning for all children. We provide funded early education for three and four year olds and we support children who speak English as an additional language and children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Lapal Primary School

Lapal is a 1.5 form entry school, taking 45 children per year. The original building was opened in 1937 and now houses KS2 pupils. KS1 pupils are housed in the new half of the building which was opened in 2006. The building has recently been extended to create a further two classrooms. In addition, the school has undergone a major refurbishment, all of our classrooms have been remodelled so they are inviting and engaging for pupils. We have a fabulous external environment incorporating a large field, wildlife area, trim trail and pond.

 We believe that children learn and flourish when they feel safe and are happy to come to school. We work hard to develop the personal and social skills of our children, rooted in mutual respect and high expectations. Our academic standards are very good, supporting our expectation that all pupils are encouraged to do their very best.

 We feel very fortunate to be part of a team who are committed wholeheartedly to achieving the best outcomes possible for our children. In February 2023 we were rated as 'Outstanding' by Ofsted. We are very privileged to be part of shaping the lives of over 345 pupils every day. We continue to strive to excel in all that we do, and embrace our mission statement - Learning Together, Successful Forever.

Lutley Primary School

Lutley is unique – it is often said that when you come to Lutley you experience something you don’t find anywhere else. Behind our community of 630 children, and families, stands a team of highly experienced and dedicated staff who work tirelessly for our children so that we provide the best support and education for all of our community. There are 90 children, in 3 classes, in each of our year groups.  Within each team there are a number of staff who support children achieve their very best academically, socially and emotionally.

Our school values are Learning, Caring, Aiming High – Together. These values underpin everything we do including our challenge curriculum, which is bespoke to Lutley. Our curriculum ensures our children are creative thinkers who think deeply about their learning and make links to prior learning experiences. We encourage all of our children to be leaders and give them a wide variety of opportunities to develop and demonstrate these skills throughout their learning journey.

Our learning community goes beyond Lutley as we are proud to be the main sponsor school within Hales Valley Trust as well as being a Teaching hub for our wider community. This enables us to share our practice with other schools locally and nationally. Both of these commitments ensures that we keep our expectations high at all times. We are constantly reflecting on what we do, and we consider latest educational research, so that we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Priory Primary School

Priory Primary School is a large, vibrant and energetic school in the heart of Dudley with over 700 amazing pupils!  Priory first opened in 1930 and nearly 100 years later still serves the local community and its children.

The Priory team are dedicated and strive to deliver a creative and stimulating curriculum that engages and excites our pupils to reach their full potential. We are a values driven school which allows our pupils to feel safe and secure in a warm and welcoming learning environment. As a result, our children are confident and willing to tackle challenges of any kind.

Time for Two's

At Time for Two’s we are dedicated to providing the best possible care whilst stimulating exploration and learning, giving every child the possibility to achieve their full potential. We embrace the individuality, efforts and achievements of all the children and recognise that learning and development take place during all activities.

Research has shown that good quality early education can:

  • help children's development and their communication skills
  • help them learn to play with other children and make friends
  • help them to get ready for school
  • experience new activities including messy play

We can accommodate up to 12 children at one time and have 3 dedicated members of staff, one of whom will be allocated as your child's key worker.

Our Nursery

We understand how difficult it can be to leave your child for the first time but our warm, welcoming and nurturing nursery environment is the perfect place to start your child's educational journey.  All our Early Years practitioners are highly skilled and will adopt a range of strategies to ensure your child settles quickly and seamlessly into their new environment. Each child is allocated their own key-worker who is dedicated to your child's every need.

We have a dedicated building with a large outside area including a pirate ship and a castle which we are sure your child will love! We have the capacity for 52 children at one time. The children have access to both the indoors and outdoors throughout their nursery session. Our curriculum operates under the Early Years Statutory Framework (2014) and is based on 7 main areas including:-

  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional development
  • Physical development
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive Arts and Design

Many of these curriculum areas are covered within a play-based curriculum but your child will also have dedicated language and mathematics sessions. Alongside the curriculum, we hope to foster lifelong skills and characteristics with the children, such as exploration, concentration and critical thinking skills, these are known as the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning.'

Withymoor Primary School

Withymoor is a friendly, inclusive school where all children are encouraged to achieve their full potential in all areas of school life. We are privileged to have fantastic children and staff, Trust Advocates, parents and carers who all share our high expectations of attainment, achievement, behaviour and attendance. All adults in school are committed to safeguarding and building strong relationships with children that support their emotional, spiritual and academic growth.

We are a two-form entry school with space for up to 420 pupils from Reception to Year 6, and we have a Governor-led Pre-School on site with 30 morning places and 30 afternoon places. We are lucky to have attractive, extensive grounds, three playgrounds, a school field and lovely outside areas for Pre-School and Reception classes. Our last Ofsted inspection (December 2018) recognised that we are a school that offers ‘a good quality of education’ and that our motto: ‘learning together, aiming for excellence’ reflects our ‘positive, aspirational and inclusive culture’. We have a fantastic school community with caring, thoughtful and confident children, great staff and supportive parents and Trust Advocates.

Withymoor Pre-School

At Withymoor Pre-School we aim to provide a good quality of care and education to children below statutory school age and we concentrate on developing children’s early learning skills. We work in line with the early year’s foundation stage framework, introducing simple phonics and numbers and providing experiences for children to utilise all their senses and making them aware of the environment around them. We also encourage our children to develop their social skills through group interaction and individual independent purposeful play.

We hope, after their time at Pre-School they will be independent active learners who carry on their school life with a thirst for learning. We work in partnership with parents to help children learn and develop and endeavour to celebrate all children’s achievements with parents. We offer children and their families a service that promotes British values, equality and values diversity whilst delivering activities that promote their cultural capital to ensure they experience as much as they can during their journey with us.

The early years of a child’s education are vitally important for a child’s overall development and outlook. With a secured start to the formal learning process the way is prepared for later progress and success. Time and effort spent on a child’s behalf at this stage will pay dividends later. At Withymoor Pre-School we strive to provide a friendly and supportive environment with clearly defined routines and discipline, together with encouragement of self development. We feel children will develop and flourish in a happy atmosphere within a structured framework. We believe childhood should be a happy rewarding experience, we also believe happy children learn best. Good education practice should provide children with opportunities to experiment, exercise choice and learn with enthusiastic people who care about young children and have high expectations of them. Your child has a right to enjoy learning, appreciate beautiful things and develop appropriate behaviour. Our qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic staff provide all these opportunities for your child.

Woodside Primary School and Nursery

Woodside Primary School is a 2 form entry school in central Dudley with over 360 children and always room for more! We are set on a spacious site with lots of space, green field sports area and two playgrounds. Our wooded areas are used for Forest school and exploring our exciting curriculum outside.

We work very hard with our community and have a Community Centre on site. We value the families that we serve and enjoys celebrating and sharing together. Our extensive and inclusive buildings, provide an excellent setting, in which our children play and learn.

We are very proud of the warm and welcoming environment we provide at Woodside. Our fantastic staff team work hard to deliver an exciting curriculum and foster the development of the whole child through our pastoral systems -  to ensure that our children are "learning ready" every day.  We strive to foster harmony throughout our whole school community and believe that this impacts strongly on the progress that our children make, leading them all to become successful individuals.


Our Nursery is led and managed by Woodside Primary School. We offer places for 2 - 4 year olds. We have places for funded children and also for fee paying children.

Nursery experience is often a child's first venture alone into a larger world outside the family and home. We believe that what children learn in Nursery can create lasting foundations on which to build on during their lives. A high quality nursery education is about much more than numbers, letters, colours and shapes. It's about learning to be independent, confident, strong and curious. It's about developing children's natural joy and wonder at the world they live in. We believe children learn by exploring and investigating, watching and listening, talking and discussing, creating and communicating, and simply 'having a go!'

By working in true partnership with parents we aim to provide a stimulating, challenging environment which is a warm and friendly extension of home. Where children and adults can explore, have fun, play, talk and learn together as happy, confident and independent individuals within their community. We believe that we have a significant role to play along with parents, families, other professionals and the whole of the wider community in raising the young citizens of our society.